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Wysper’s mission is “To make gift shopping as easy as possible by offering a hassle-free, curated gift shopping experience.”
As a secret gift shopper, Wysper discreetly buys gifts for its members who no longer have to worry about remembering dates for special occasions.


Wysper is the name we chose since we secretly buy gifts on our member’s behalf.
Yes we have the expertise in buying gifts for anyone regardless of gender.
Membership at Wysper allows our members many benefits: security, privacy, and more free time. There is no membership fee however a 20% service/administrative fee is charged on each gift we select and ship to your gift recipients. Membership can be cancelled at any time.
Wysper is intended for busy professionals who don’t have the time to shop for gifts, anyone who frequently forgets important dates or is not sure of what gifts to buy
Wysper differentiates itself by specializing in gifts. We cost significantly less than a concierge company and have greater expertise in gifts than a personal shopper. We get to know the style/preference of each gift recipient via the survey members fill out about them, allowing us to customize our gift selections.
A gift bundle is a collection of multiple gifts that we put together and send out to each gift recipient.
You will be presented with a description of the bundle and images of the products (where available) for each event. Bundle example
Currently our minimum price range is $250-$499 and maximum price range is $20,000. We hope to expand our price range offerings in the future to cater to all consumer budgets.
The survey takes one to three minutes on average to complete and allows us to purchase gifts using 3 main criteria: personality match, color preferences, and complementary gifts.
For Domestic Shipping:
We require 2 weeks to select gifts and ensure on-time shipment. We will update your Dashboard/ Calendar with the status of your gift once we receive tracking information.

We do our best to ensure on-time shipping however we do not take responsibility for external situations outside of our control, such as weather delays.

For International Shipping:
Wysper currently services members within the US. However, we have familiarity with vendors in a few countries outside the US.

Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests regarding shipment of your gifts:
If the recipients do not like their gifts, they can return it directly to the vendor for a refund. They must adhere to the vendor’s return policy. We will work with our members to find replacement gifts for the recipients once requested.
The Wysper Team currently can be reached via our contact form, e-mail, or social media. However if an in-person meeting is requested by existing members we will do our best to accommodate him/her.
Wysper was created with the busy professional in mind. We arrange a recurrent purchase of gifts based on your Calendar/ Dashboard, in order to minimize the frequency with which we will need to contact you. Even if you are too busy, we ship gifts to your recipient on time.
To cancel your Wysper membership, please click the cancel button at the bottom of your account page.


Wysper’s mission is “To make gift shopping as easy as possible by offering a hassle-free, curated gift shopping experience.” This members-only club was founded by Ms. Ama Addae and was inspired by her father who forgot the dates for many special occasions, and when he did remember, often times he didn’t know what gifts to buy.

Wysper is a bespoke service which curates gift bundles based on each gift recipient’s preferences. A gift bundle is a selection of two or more gifts. With our frequently updated gift database of over 1000 gifts, we have many gifts from which to choose to create your gift bundles. As a secret gift shopper, Wysper discreetly buys gifts for its members. As a member of Wysper, you no longer have to worry about forgetting dates for special occasions (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, etc.) nor go through the stress of selecting the most appropriate gifts for your loved ones. Wysper does all the work for you.

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We invite you to for free today to become a member of Wysper.

For more information regarding corporate programs, please contact us

Wysper only buys authentic, original gifts directly from the manufacturers or authorized representatives of luxury brands, but is not a licensee, affiliate or authorized representative of any brand of gifts we purchase. To best understand Wysper’s selective gift taste, please check us out on Pinterest to see a sampling of gifts that we like.

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here


Wysper’s headquarters are in New York City, giving its members unprecedented access to some of the most exclusive gifts in the world.

We specialize in limited-edition and luxury gifts for men and women such as:
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Skincare & Fragrances
  • Wine & Champagne
  • Travel-related accessories
  • Private Yacht or Jet Rental
  • Unique culinary experiences
  • Private Classes
  • Fashion accessories

To see more examples of gifts that we like, check out Wysper on Pinterest.

Membership Benefits

Personalized service
Easy gift shopping experience
Gift history for all gift purchases
Gift purchases made within your budget
More free time (on average consumers spend 32 hours per year gift shopping)

The Process

Enter information about your gift recipient
Answer a brief survey about the recipient
Select important dates (Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s) and corresponding budgets
Your calendar is monitored by our team, and gifts will be selected for each occasion
You are notified when gifts have been chosen and if not satisfied can request an alternative
The finalized gifts are shipped to your recipient


There is no annual membership fee.
20% service / administrative fee is charged on each gift shipped. Fee is embedded in selected price range.

Membership Sign-up

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